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What's All The Wine-ing About


This book is for the reader who grew from drinking Boones Farm, Gallo, Mad Dog, Cold Duck, Lancers and every other inexpensive wine to drinking better ones, and who now wants to know more…Stop feeling left out of the wine world.  It is not just for the wine snob or expert.

Wine and Sweet Words


For more than 8000 years wine has been the nectar of Gods, the inspiration of the muse and fruity alcohol for the masses.  It has been romanticized in prose, uttered in jest and written about from the Bible.  This book shows wine's place in history and literature from great prose to limmericks.  

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The Civil War: The Legacy

Coming  2019


The reasons for the war were many, regardless of the causes, the results were the same for all families.  Women were put into new roles, the massive loss of life left widows and orphans behind.  Westward movement, suffrage, innovations, and empowerment are just a few of the influences captured.  This war drove changes that impacted our ancestors and our lives today.