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It's All Inside: Inspiration For Daily Living Paperback – December 10, 2022

by MARGOT DILLARD (Author), Demetrias Rodgers (Author)


One person can change the world or at least those that they touch!
It's All Inside - Inspired by one man's search for motivation and the lack of suitable inspiration. Demetrias became a beacon for others searching for the same inspiration for life's daily pitfalls and challenges in their own lives.

When you are struggling, It's All Inside reinforces the idea that everything you need to succeed is inside you; inspiration is simply a tool for accessing your inner strength. This is your 365-day inspiration source to get you through whatever hurdles you face and challenges that life may throw your way.

Everyone knows motivational coach Tony Robbins' name, but I can tell you he doesn't have anything on Demetrias Rodgers! I have seen firsthand the motivation, from transforming his own life to the encouragement and coaching he has done for those around him.

A Flippin" Good Way To Earn Money


Fun, addicting, and profitable! Could it be more than just a little extra pocket money and a real income? This book gives you the knowledge of trial and error as I started this journey, never realizing the potential. From where to find items to flip to where to sell and how to understand the simple profit you can easily make to add to your income or work this full-time.

I'm laying out the way to accomplish this and will let you see how easily this can be completed. The book covers flipping items from finding to selling and determining how you will decide to price your items to be competitive.

Wine and Sweet Words


For over 8000 years, wine has been the nectar of Gods, the inspiration of the muse, and fruity alcohol for the masses.  It has been romanticized in prose, uttered in jest, and written about in the Bible.  Enjoy the quotes, toasts, and their place in history and literature, from great prose to frisky limericks.  

Also, check out my other wine book, What's All the Wine-ing About - This book is for the reader who grew from drinking Boone's Farm, Gallo, Mad Dog, Cold Duck, Lancers, and every other inexpensive wine to drinking better ones, and who now wants to know more…Stop feeling left out of the wine world.  It is not just for the wine snob or expert.

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