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Margot Dillard has put her interests to paper, as her varied non-fiction works will attest. Her most recent release, It's All Inside, is a joint effort with a national technology guru and a great motivator, Demetrias Rodgers. They have created a 365-day inspirational journal with thoughts for each day. There are 18 chapters covering areas that will help you find daily inspiration for living a great life. 413 pages.

Flippin' Good Way to Earn Money is also a recent release in 2022, published to help overs find a way to work for themselves, as a side hustle or a full-time gig. She takes the reader step by step to find their niche and earn Money, and all the steps in figuring out how to be profitable.

Margot's readers rely on her knowledge and life experiences, covering her hobbies and life experiences. She has pursued a hobby of wine appreciation and created "how to" wine books and humorous looks at life from the bottom of a wine glass to playing in the dirt in gardening books. Her wine books include; Life by the Glassful, What's all the Wine-ing About, Wine, and Sweet Words.

The Essential Oil books were notes and tips Margot had created for herself and decided to share as she gained certification in Aromatherapy. Let's Learn About Essential Oils, The Basic Essential Oil Kit, and her most purchased book, Essential Oil Recipes.

Divorce...I Said I Do, But I Don't is not based on her personal experience but on seeing the need for a humorous take that she shared with friends going through a tough time.

Her previous book, Planting for Honeybees and Pollinators, as well as her garden tips and peaceful garden quotes book, Life in the Garden, is based on playing in the dirt on her 11-acre property in the heart of Virginia.

An Affliction Named Golf is a group of facts, history, and quotes she has gathered as both a golf widow and a player.


Her more serious pursuits, one just completed, Prepared to Survive, is about planning for a significant life event such as a COVID-19 type pandemic or something far more sinister.


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